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Many of today’s successful business owners manage their enterprises by an old axiom. That is, they do not make money in order to purchase an effective sign. They purchase an effective sign in order to make money! That has never been truer than today with our sluggish economy. You must do the very most you can do to stand out from every other business around you. This will ensure you are noticed by passers-by, which continuously brings in new customers. Studies have shown that roughly fifteen percent (15%) of our population moves every two (2) years. That means you are continuously losing good customers, which you have worked very hard to acquire. Many business owners rely on word of mouth advertising. This is a somewhat legitimate strategy for a company that delivers a good product with good service. However, as shown and discussed below, an effective on-premise sign is your most effective vehicle to keep your business growing.

On-Premise Sign Most Effective - Drew 49% of New Customers

Small business industry focus studies have reported an effective on-premise sign is a mandatory component of creating visibility, and with the “right signage”, it will contribute more benefit than all other forms of paid advertising combined for a small business. See the effectiveness of advertising options as shown in detail above. It shows several advertising vehicles, and the success of each vehicle, as communicated by the new customer (new face) when the proprietor asked “What brought you into our business today?” . (Click On Chart Above To Enlarge)

One paraphrased definition of advertising insanity relates “continuing to use the very same advertising tools and strategy you have previously employed with unsatisfactory results, and somehow expect to achieve some different result!”

An Effective On-Premis Sign Is Mandatory

If this is you, then might you ask yourself, “How much longer can I afford to watch all these potential customers go by my front door, without even noticing my business? When am I going to quit “hoping” (which is not a strategy) it will improve and start taking charge myself by employing proven advertising tactics to improve my business and increase my revenues?”

There is a well known axiom regarding selection of Commercial Property that directly applies to this situation. This axiom states the three keys in the selection of a successful business property as :

1. Location
2. Location
3. Location

But what this axiom is really advocating is:

1. Visibility
2. Visibility
3. Visibility

Not All Have A Great, High Traffic, Location

Not everyone can have the “ideal” location so you must make the very most out of the cards you are dealt. This means you must take advantage of everything you can, including the latest technology, to make your business stand out from the rest.

The Critical Function of the On-Premise Sign

The on-premise sign develops a marketing memory for a location and the products and services available at that location. It reinforces the memory of the location and extends the recall when any other form of advertising efforts are employed. It also attracts new customers by prompting first-time or impulse visits or purchases. Bear in mind that new customers are an absolute must to keep your business going. That is because fifteen percent (15%) of the population (your customer) moves every 24 months, which obviously erodes your “current” customer base. The last point concerning on-premise signage is maybe the biggest – it modifies customary purchase decisions or habits, meaning it is effective in encouraging variation from accustomed consumption patterns. In simple terms, it is all about placing your business name into the buyer’s mind as his primary location to frequent whenever he requires whatever you sell.

Wordy Description

Make You Hungry?

Another recent signage study reported eighty percent (80%) of the signage in the marketplace today consists of “words only” signs. This is very bad in that the study also showed that only “one of ten” (1 of 10) people will notice and read a “words only” sign. However, add an image or a logo to your sign and the percentages flip. That is, now “eight out of ten” (8 of 10) people will notice and read a sign with a picture or logo. So, if you are using a “words only” sign to attract customers, unfortunately for you, it is not working . Your business is virtually invisible to the passing public.

Obviously, both signs above advertise a hamburger. Which one of these two signs draws your immediate attention? Which one makes you hungry? Do you agree with the study results?

The next point in this discussion is major. That point is relevance. The Small Business Administration (SBA) tells us that 85% of your customer base live within a five (5) mile radius of your business and drive by your business at least ten (10) times per month. This is extremely relevant to the “likelihood” that a potential customer would go to your business should he be made aware you were offering a very special pricing deal. The point is that a person driving by your business and seeing a picture of your “house specialty” on your Electronic Message Center (EMC) or reading on your attention grabbing EMC about your special price on a steak dinner is already located at your business, and would be much more likely to just turn into your driveway to take advantage of your special. That is much more likely than a person learning about your special who lives sixty (60) miles away in a neighboring county, and would rarely ever drive one-hundred twenty (120) miles round trip for any kind of dinner (even if it were also free).

Eye Catching Display

In closing, please contemplate the results of recent studies done by three very credible sources, the Small Business Administration (SBA), the US Postal Service, and the US Chamber of Commerce regarding the effectiveness of Electronic Message Centers (EMC), as follows:

SBA: “Without a properly designed on premise LED sign, a commercial business cannot function at its full economic potential. However, with an electronic message display, owners typically see an immediate increase in business of 15% to 150%.

US Chamber Commerce: “LED signs draw in 50% of a business’ customers. As much or more as all other advertising combined.”

US Postal Service: Research at US Post Offices across the country reveal that digital signage increased sales up to 180%.

Please think about what you just read and remember you alone are the captain of your ship. It is up to you to decide to do something about your future; no one else will. Remember that “hoping” your business will improve soon is NOT a strategy. Decide to make something happen yourself. Always keep in mind – people do not make money to buy signage, they buy the right signage to make money!!!

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