Gemini Letters

Why Sign Professionals Choose Gemini Letters

Lowest Prices In The Industry
Gemini can offer the lowest prices by controlling material costs through bulk purchases of raw materials, and by manufacturing many of the sheet, hardware and other materials used to produce your sign products. Through recycling, combining thousands of orders, and utilizing the latest technology, Gemini can manufacture superior products at a much lower cost than other local suppliers.

Highest Quality & Lifetime Guarantee
Low prices, in this case, does not mean low quality. Gemini offers the highest quality products and a lifetime guarantee. No matter whether your letters and logos happen to chip, crack or fade – Gemini will replace the product at no charge. Gemini is able to offer this warranty because they work with premium materials, use the best coatings and finishes available, and provide mounting hardware that will keep your installation secure.

Fast Delivery Of Made-To-Order Signage
With Gemini’s seven regional locations and their state-of-the-art manufacturing and communications equipment – Gemini can produce your designs in just a matter of days. Gemini can meet your timetable for your signage needs.

Illuninated Letters

Illuminated Letters
Gemini has added a complete new line of illuminated letters that will give you more design flexibility and the option of LED illumination. LEDs can be added to any Injection Molded Channel Letter, new GEMLite Formed Channel Letter, or most Fabricated Stainless Steel Letters or Logos.

Affordability with Options in Lighted Letters.
Gemini can light up your sign with different lighted letters and logo products. You can choose to order your cans and faces alone (with several products suited for neon and LED) or buy them fully populated, balanced and tested with GE Tetra LEDs and corresponding transformers. Gemini lit letter products are UL recognized components, meeting al UL specifications for electric signs. As always, all Gemini manufactured products are backed with their unconditional lifetime guarantee. These are the newest in lighted letters 1.) The only channel letters in the industry guaranteed not to corrode, chip, crack, or dent. 2.) Revolutionary slimline ‘GEMLITE’ products 1.5″ to 2.5″ deep lit with low profile LEDs. 3.) Delivery on most channel letter orders within days of placing order.

Display Letters
Designed for interior use, these letters give you the flexibility to order all your dimensional lettering products from one , dependable, cost-effective manufacturer. With a multitude of options on materials and finishes, Gemini can be your dimensional lettering one-stop shop.

Injection Molded Letter

Injection Molded Channel Letters
These letters have the following characteristics – five inch deep cans, light with neon or LED, three day production, uniform face fit, UL and CSA recognized. Each Injection Molded Channel Letter is perfect due to the precision toolmaking of the molds used to make this product. While only two style types are available, they can be ordered in nearly any combination of can and face colors. When combined with the EDGE-GLO face (red only) this letter is 100% injection molded and ready to ship within two days. For ordering, choose style, letter size, copy, can color, face color, trim color, and specify with or without LEDs.

Gemini Injection Molded Channel Letters are the perfect way to cost-effectively illuminate your sign. These 5″ deep letters blend in seamlessly with other fabricated channel letters. The only difference is that these letters will not dent, corrode or show adverse signs of weathering. In the event that a catastrophic event does happen to the face, Gemini’s lifetime guarantee always allows you to replace the face without needing a measurement of the existing can as each letter is exactly like the first. The cans are made of Artek, a spaceage plastic that is impact resistent and passes all UL flammability requirements for illuminated for both high voltage and low voltage applications.

GemLite Standard

GemLite Custom Letter

GemLite Formed Channel Letters
These letters have the following characteristics – Up to two and one-half inches deep, for low profile LED lighting, six standard styles, unlimited custom styles, slim line design, and UL and CSA recognized. The new low-profile look of GemLite Formed Channel Letters are sure to make any user happy. The new slim-line design with near invisible can and trimless face, allows channel letters to go places they have never been before. Now channel letters can go indoor, as part of POP displays, behind front desk areas, or anywhere you want illumination without the large five-inch protrusion of a bent aluminum channel can. Aside from its sleek looks, the face material of the GemLite Formed Channel Letters has been specially formulated to work with LED wavelengths to promote the best diffusion and light translucency for eye-popping brightness.

Each GemLite Formed Channel Letter comes with an opaque white can approximately 3/4 inches deep and a corresponding face made from a translucent , LED compatible (built in diffusion) face color. The face can be made either with a flat, round, prismatic, or other sculptured profile to match any need. The light visible to bystanders will be emitted not only from the face but also fron the sidewalls of the face portion of the letter. Round face letters particularly have a striking look using this manufacturing technique. Some customers have also accented GemLite letters by applying a translucent vinyl onto the surface of trans-white GemLite faces so the face emits a desired color and the light through the sides of the letter face create a halo effect for the signs.

These letters and logos come in standard (six most popular styles) or they can be customized. Nearly any style of logo can be produced in GemLite Channel Letters. For block styles, typically a 9″ capital height is required, while most serif or other script like styles require a 12″ capital letter height.

LED Components and Specifications
Standard acrylic colors are used on the faces of all Injection Molded 5″ deep channel letters. Gemini matches the LED color with the acrylic face color for best illumination. Blue and Green LED packages will cost more due to extra modules being needed for sufficient illumination.

There are hundreds of LED systems available in the market today. Choosing a system that will properly light your letters and provide consistent, reliable light output is critical in building a sign. Gemini cannot analyze every LED system, but will provide helpful tips that will greatly assist any installation.

Cast Metal Letters

Cast Metal – Durability and Long Lasting Beauty
When a sense of permanency and depth is required on professional offices, universities and government buildings, Gemini bronze and aluminum cast metal letters deliver the depth you need. With twelve different finishes including polished, oxidized, or anodized, you can get get the classic look and depth dimension of cast metal letters for less than what you would expect to pay for such quality. In all, Gemini features more than sixty standard styles, with many different finish options. Not only are the hand-finished Gemini cast metal letters produced in roughly eight days, they are also guaranteed for life.

Custom logos are available at minimum expense – especially with multiple set orders
Earth-Friendly – No lead or mercury and all trim is recycled in the casting process
Over sixty standard styles
Lifetime Guarantee

Custom Cast Letters and Logos: Flat Face, Round, Prismatic
Custom cast letters have the following advantages: Create metal letters with maximum dimension; more cost-effective than flat cut letters; Aluminum and Bronz cast finishes available; Letters, Logos and Symbols cast in pure metals; From 2″ to 84″ in some styles and materials. Stroke, width, depth and overall size of the pieces must take into account the sandmolding process and the ability to pour molten metal to all areas of the design. We will work with you to cast the design or letter style as closely as possible to the original artwork. All customer cast pieces will require a signed artwork approval prior to beginning production.

Fabricated Metal

Fabricated Metal – Letters of Distinction
Gemini Stainless Steel Fabricated Letters are perfect architectural letters for retail and other where high-end quality fabrication is an absolute must. Already, such well known and successful organizations as Exxon Mobil, JP MOrgan, Chase, Kroger, IBM and Caterpillar have selected Gemini Fabricated Stainless Steel Letters for dimensional signage. Built to your specifications (face and returns) in a wide variety of finishes such as brushed, polished or painted. Gemini Fabricated Stainless Steel Letters can be produced to your required depth and size. Gold titanium coating is also available to provide the look of brass at a fraction of the cost. Our fabricated letters are expertly crafted to meet the exacting requirements of your most sophisticated clientel. With lead-free solder and crisp 90 degree edges, Gemini Fabricated Letters offer the technical specifications required for such letters with the utmost in beauty and quality. These letters offer hand crafted stainless beauty with the following characteristics: 1.)Virtually unlimited design potential, 2.)Perfect for LED backlighting, 3.)Letters made in North America – not overseas, 4.)Lifetime guarantee

Flat Cut Metal

Flat Cut Metal – Durability and Beauty
Gemini waterjets and lasers precisely cut custom metal letters that provide greater detail than routers. With six major metals and over fifty standard finishes available (aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, and steel), Gemini can uncomplicate your business by providing all the finishing, hardware, and trim recycling. Now you can not only concentrate on other jobs, but also save money by buying from Gemini rather than trying to make them yourself. Plus, Gemini’s regional locations can take your .EPS,.CDR, and other vector-based art files and produce your letters and logos in just seven days. Letters of this quality are shipped faster than you will find anywhere else. Durable enough for outdoors , yet perfect enough for any boardroom application, Gemini flat cut metal letters are quality pure metal letters at a cost-effective price. These letters deliver incredible precison and optics with the following features: 1.)Six metals, six guages and fifty finishes are standard. 2.)From one-half inch to sixty inch letters and logos. 3.)Fast shipping – letters are made in just seven days. 4.)Lifetime Guarantee.

Minnesota Letters

Minnesota Letters – Precison & Consistency of Injection Molded Letters
Gemini’s Minnesota Letters have the look and feel of cast metal letters, so they are suitable for almost any “up-scale” application. Made from earth-friendly recycleable Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB), Minnesota letters are beautiful, crisp letters with razor-sharp edges that are easy to install and guaranteed for life. Available in six standard styles and forty-five standard colors, they are in stock and ready to be shipped in just one business day. More durable than most other plastic letters, they are able to stand up against the scrutiny of indoor applications and tough enough to withstand the elements outside. These letters come with incredible precision and the following qualities 1.)Metal look and appearance 2.)Suitable indoors and outdoors 3.)Ships in one business day 4.)Made from “green” earth friendly plastic, 5.)Lifetime Guarantee.

Formed Plastic Letters

Formed Plastic – Unlimited Variety and Flexibility
This was the original product for Gemini Letters. Formed plastic letters are the most popular and durable product in the sign industry today. The utmost in versatility, Gemini’s guaranteed-for-life formed letters are the standard for most local businesses as well as office parks, retail chains, and almost anywhere there is a need for dimensional signage. Their inexpensive molds make it easy to customize a letter style or logo for the perfect 3D sign. Formed letters also provide the deepest dimension for the money. Because Gemini extrudes their own sheets of Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB), they save money in the production cost which they pass on to their customers. With Gemini’s three different forming locations across North America, most letters are no more than two days away from your doorstep. These letters provide economy and durability with the following assets: 1.)Over 128 standard styles and 31 standard colors. 2.)Fast delivery – typically produced in as little as two days. 3.)Lifetime Guarantee. 4.)UV stable. 5.)Low-cost option with high impact results.

Cut Acrylic Letters

Flat Cut Acrylic – Let Gemini Be Your Laser Cut Acrylic Source
Uncomplicate your business by making Gemini your source for laser cut acrylic letters at a lower cost than you would pay just for the materials. Gemini nests thousands of orders to assure minimal scrap and a lower acrylic cost. Plus, they extrude their own sheets of pigmented acrylic in thirty-two standard colors. Available in gauges ranging from 1/8″ to 1″ – you will not find this variety of acrylic anywhere else. Their state-of-the-art computers paired with custom-designed high-speed 1000W lasers precisely cut the most customized sign work in the industry. The laser-cut polished edges are immaculate, making their acrylic product beautiful enough for any application where precision is required. The almost unlimited options include: 1.)Sizes range from 1″ to 72″. 2.)Pigmented acrylic in five different thicknesses. 3.)Superior laser cut polished edges. 4.)Thirty-two standard pigmented colors. 5.)Lifetime Guarantee.

Display Letters

Display Letters – Products Designed for Display, Exhibition and Fixturing
Not every application requires a product with a lifetime weatherability guarantee. That is why Gemini has developed a product line for the interior display market. Now you can get all your lettering and display needs from one source that understands the need for quick delivery and top-notch quality – all with award winning customer service. This product line includes additional finishes on lightweight substrates that are ideal for in-store displays and reception area identification. It also includes chrome effects and 1200 dpi full-color finishes that while extremely durable and weather resistant – simply do not quite live up to a lifetime warranty under all conditions – like our other exterior grade products. What you will find with Gemini’s Display Products, is that they give you additional design flexibility to produce the kind of products you need to impress your customers. Recent applications of these products include: 1.)Athletic Stadium Suite decoration. 2.)Hotel and bank reception areas. 3.) Hospital and health care facilities. 4.)Museum and historic exhibits. 5.)Retail store fixturing.

Metal Plaques

Metal Plaques – Gemini Plaques Add Prestige to Any Building or Development
Whether your plaques are cast, architectural, etched, or those requiring ADA specifications, Gemini can create the marker, seal, or plaque you need in just a few days. While many plaque manufacturers need four to six weeks to deliver your plaque, Gemini can ship your plaque in just eight working days after approval of your artwork – all with NO extra charges and NO hidden fees. Gemini uses a variety of methods to manufacture your plaque – all using prime materials of the purest alloys. Whether you require lead and mercury free bronze, high-grade aluminum, lead-free brass or #304 or even #316 stainless steel, Gemini has the metal you need to make a lasting impression. Recognize someone for a job well done, a retirement, winning an award, memorialize a loved one or commemorate a historic place – our specialized experience with Gemini recommendations will definitely assist you. There is an incredible variety and breathtaking detail in these plaques as follows: 1.) Designs in any shape – same price. 2.) Earth-friendly process – lead and mercury-free alloys. 3.) Ships in eight business days – No rush charges. 4.) Lifetime guarantee

Etched Plaques

Etched Plaques – Uncompromising Quality Competitively Priced
Gemini’s etched plaques are made from metal sheet stock that is always lead and mercury free. The chemical etching process allows us to reproduce even the most complex artwork onto the surfce of the metal. When used in combination with Gemini’s Cast and Architectural Plaque lines, the Gemini etched medallions and emblems provide the precision needed to accentuate the perfect plaque or marker. Gemini can etch Brass, Bronze, Copper and Stainless Steel in varying guages and dimensions. Like the Gemini architectural plaques, eight-day production is standard on Gemini etched plaque orders. With Gemini’s photo and line etching capabilities, we can turn your most precious photos and drawings into a magnificent marker that they and their families will treasure for generations. These etched plaques have the following Delivery plus Quality equals Guaranteed Satisfaction tendancies: 1.)Designs in any shape – same price. 2.)Earth friendly process – lead and mercury=free alloys. 3.)Ships in eight business days – No rush charges. 4.)Wide variety of metals and thicknesses. 5.)Lifetime Guarantee.

ADA/Wayfinding Plaques

ADA / Wayfinding Plaques – Highest Quality ADA Product Available
All of Gemini’s ADA/Wayfinding plaques are made from solid metal in order to provide a superior product that will not chip, or crack like common acrylic and photopolymers. You can choose from base metal orother color selections, including up to 1200 dpi photographic images for the surface of your plaques. When combined with Gemini’s patent-pending ADA process that does not use loose beads for the Braille component or rely on imperfect, non-compliant castings – the result is a breathtaking example of how effectively designed ADA plaques do not have to be a distraction from a project’s overall beauty, but instead actually enhance it. Gemini offers a wide selection of metals. Aluminum is standard, but brass, bronze, copper, zinc, or stainless steel are options. These signs have the following qualities: 1.)Designs in any shape – same price. 2.)Submit any image for use in design. 3.)No chipping, cracking, or loose beads. 4.)One piece, all metal construction. 5.)Lifetime Guarantee

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