Channel Letters

Concept Signs is proud to partner with several extremely high quality manufacturers who produce the high-quality cabinet and channel letter signage products we market.  Our manufacturers are industry leaders in illuminated signage for the outdoor advertising market. With the ability to construct both standard and custom modular products on a scale their competitors can’t touch, makes their products unique and very economical.
With our manufacturers’ years of experience–they have worked towards perfecting a manufacturing process that results in bright, clean, durable, and cost effective signage. The benefits to purchasing these products go far beyond the signage itself. Installation crews will appreciate the installer-friendly features in all of our outdoor products, saving you time and money in the field.

Channel Letters:

Definition of Channel Letter Signs:
Typically illuminated (LED or neon) storefront signs and lighted letters. Channel Letters are individually illuminated letters and graphics. These letters are found everywhere. From shopping malls, to exterior storefront identification; channel letters are one of the best ways to see your business name in lights.

Construction of Channel Letter Signs: These letters are comprised of a U-shaped channel that is made of metal.  We use only all aluminum construction in each Channel Letter we market. Though aluminum construction costs slightly more, it has many advantages over steel constructed Channel Letters. Aluminum letters will never rust. Steel letters that rust cause stain damage to the surrounding wall or roof area of you business. Aluminum letters are also lighter than steel and will require less mounting fixtures to be installed onto your roof or wall. Once the channel of the letter is built, LED lights are installed. Then the colored letter face is attached to the front of the letter. Each letter is then properly wired to a transformer located in the raceway or remotely, behind the wall, depending on mounting method selected.

Three Types of Channel Letters
The most common type is Standard Channel Letters. These letters are made from a U-channel base, utilizing colored Plexiglas faces.

Reverse Channel Letters have metal faces and returns (sides of letters) but have a clear plastic backing. These letters are designed to be mounted an inch or two away from the wall. At night, these letters create a halo-lit effect.

The third type of Channel Letters is one with ‘open’ faces. Though not actually open, the faces of these letters are clear plastic with the balance of the letters built just like Standard Channel Letters. This allows for the LED to be seen, as well as the inside of the U-channel letterform itself. Open Face Channel Letters are very effective for aggressively grabbing attention.

Mounting Methods
Channel Letters can be mounted in one of two ways. They can be mounted either directly to the wall, individually, or mounted on a rectangular box called a raceway. Some people find that individually mounted letters look better than raceway mounted letters. This method requires that ample access space be available behind the wall. To mount letters individually, the installer first lays out the mounting pattern to your storefront, then drills holes for hanging the letters as well as running the electric through the wall. This method of mounting Channel Letters also costs slightly more, since raceway mounting takes far less time to install. Raceway mounting is mostly done in the factory. Each letter is pre-spaced and mounted to the raceway. This allows for easier installation, as the installer mounts the raceway to the wall rather than each letter, and all necessary wiring is contained primarily in the raceway as well.

UL Listed
Every Channel Letter we market is built to UL standards. Most sign companies offer UL listed construction as a premium option with premium option pricing. Nearly every zoning department in nearly every county requires UL Listed signs, and for good reason.  Illuminated signs, especially channel letters have many electrical connections. Any electric sign must be properly constructed and wired to minimize any future maintenance issues.

In today’s crowded cities and towns, having one’s business name illuminated on the building itself is no longer a luxury to supplement a street side sign, it is practically a necessity to be noticed. And with a wide variety of lettering types, styles, and illumination options, it’s easy for businesses to select a cost efficient option to add to their visibility in the field.

With city signage codes getting more and more stringent, channel letter fabrication is one of the fastest growing segments of our business. Whatever style fits your needs, our experience works toward achieving our customer’s satisfaction, and our knowledgeable staff is most always available to assist you in making informed decisions about lighting, color, construction, and design selections.

Channel Letter sizes available range from ten inches to twelve feet in height.

Wide selection of acrylic face and plastic trimcap colors.

Unusual letter styles to custom logos and lettering for curved or unique architectural requirements, our manufacturing experts can handle it with ease.

Combined with 24 hour turn-around time on standard quotes, aggressive ship dates, nationwide freight options and volume cost efficiencies, we are dedicated to becoming your channel letter supplier of choice. Count on us!

Variety of Letter Types:
* Standard- internal illumination with plastic faces
* Reverse-”halo” lit with open backs or protective covers
* Open face- with exposed lighting
* Custom shapes- for logos and symbols

Any letter style- our manufacturing methods utilize the most up to date computer design and fabrication technology available

Illumination Options:
LED- White, Red, and other standard colors
Neon – Any color

Mounting Options:
Raceway- for ease of installation and servicing
Individual- internal or remote power supplies
Mounted to a sign cabinet face- for unique designs

Quality Assurance:
* Computerized manufacturing for consistent fit and finish
* Brand name components
* State-of-the art Eurocom pumping/bombarding system
* Aging station to test neon tubes for 24 hours
* Milliamp testing for transformer load calculation
* Hipot electrical continuity test
* Light meter for monitoring lighting consistency
* UL listing on completed sets

Cost Saving Tips:
Standard trimcap colors.
Standard pre-finished returns.

Triwall boxes with peanuts for individual sets
Wooden crating for raceway mounted letters
Wiring diagrams and mounting patterns included with shipment

Our manufacturers are major leaders in the wholesale manufacturing of Channel Letters.

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