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Concept Signs proudly relies upon several extremely high-quality manufacturers to produce our excellent cabinet signage products.  These companies are industry leaders in illuminated signage for the outdoor advertising market. With the ability to construct both standard and custom modular products on a scale their competitors can’t touch–they can manufacture to fulfill most any unique idea.

With our manufacturers’ years of experience–they have worked towards perfecting a manufacturing process that results in bright, clean, durable, and cost effective signage. And the benefits to purchasing our products go beyond the signage itself. Installation crews will appreciate the installer-friendly features in all of our outdoor products, saving you time and money in the field.

Cabinet Signs:
Whether you prefer steel or aluminum–including “wrapped” steel or aluminum–or an aluminum extrusion in a wide variety of depths, our suppliers individually have over 40 years of experience and are industry leaders. The combination of choice quality raw materials, talented craftspeople, and aggressive lead times explains why they have been leaders in the production of sign cabinets for several decades with a few of their benefits shown below.

* Single face or double faced
* Accommodate any face materials
* Excellent artwork to gain the attention of viewers
* Specializing in custom shapes
* Large or complex designs
* Certified steel and aluminum welders and certified painters

Mounting and Lighting Options
We can accommodate most mounting and lighting requests. Mounting options include saddle, between pole, cantilever, thru-mount, or match plate. Lighting options include metal halide, LED, neon, or standard fluorescent illumination.

Cabinet depths may be manufactured to any width necessary to accommodate the mounting application, illumination methods, or internal support specifications.

Aluminum Extrusion
Our manufacturers have several strategically designed extrusions that offer a wide variety of face options including: flexible face, bleed face, rigid plastic or aluminum, and hinged. These proprietary extrusions were developed by sign people for sign people. Always durable and functional, with the ability to modify the profile and the retainer options to fit your specific application.

Extrusion depths range from under 9″ to over 17″, depending upon your requirements.

Quality Paint and Preparation Techniques
All sign cabinets are treated with a light acid wash and disk sanded before painting to ensure the best adhesion and consistent coverage.

We use the PPG ® brand paint system. And in addition to offering a large stock of standard colors, we can also create custom matched colors using our computer controlled mixing stations.

Backlights are a great option for upgrading existing traditional billboards in premium locations or new signage in high-traffic areas with zoning restrictions. “Backlights” are internally illuminated billboard structures with flexible faces. They are modular to accommodate a variety of size applications, and typically used in the off-premise outdoor advertising segment of the sign industry. 

As premier backlight manufacturers, our suppliers have combined a patented cabinet design and tensioning system to establish themselves as pioneers in the field with displays from Times Square to Los Angeles.

Standard sizes range from 10′ x 24′ to 20′ x 60′. Our manufatcturers have manufactured backlights as large as 25′ x 125′ for the very high profile businesses across the country.

Our suppliers have the capability to tackle and deliver unique projects in need of expertise, skills, capacity, or equipment. We have the ability to handle virtually any challenge your design team or customer can imagine.

Here are some of the reasons why you can count on our manufacturers to get the job done right and on time the next time you have a unique cabinet signage requirement.

Specialty Skills & Equipment
Our journeymen have the experience fabricating custom shaped cabinets, “shoebox” faces, pole covers, shrouds, reveals, trims, and architectural cabinets that are beyond the capabilities of most sign manufacturers.

Power shears, power breaks, and plasma cutters are just a few of the
machines at our disposal for producing difficult custom sign cabinets, extraordinary faces, and one-of-a-kind component parts.

Some of their tooling includes:

  • computerized routing tables, with an experienced staff of programmers to carefully determine material sizing and nesting to ensure minimal waste and perfect duplication for parts assembly.
  • panformers for custom faces up to 8′ x 14′, with all molds and tooling fabricated in-house for the greatest accuracy, lowest cost, and shortest lead times.
  • state-of-the-art paint booths allowing for high volume, superior wet paint application processes. With separate painting areas, we have a wide degree of flexibility to through-put face, cabinet, and support structure painting requirements as customers needs dictate.


On-Site Engineers
Our manufacturers employs full-time engineers with many years of experience in sign manufacturing. Whether custom or standard, volume runs one-off’s, every project is priced competitively by applying strict attention to the little details, thus maximizing labor efficiency and material usage.

Certified Steel and Aluminum Welders
Consistently striving to provide superior signage, our manufacturers employs experienced certified aluminum and steel welders throughout our manufacturing facilities. Certified welders are re-tested periodically to ensure skill levels remain sharp and meet demanding expectations.

Artwork Submissions
In order to better serve our customers, we have established the following guidelines for submitting your artwork. All methods of reproduction require quality, vectorized artwork for accurate results. Please note that an additional design charge will be added if a significant amount of “clean-up” work is required on the source artwork provided.

Acceptable Non-digital Artwork
We can reproduce artwork from a letterhead, business card, or camera ready artwork; however, it will need to be designed from scratch and may not be an exact duplicate of the original. Note that for most printed material, an electronic file with the artwork likely exists, and is acceptable.

Unacceptable Artwork
We cannot accept artwork that has been faxed or photocopied as it will be distorted

Digital Print Artwork
Vectorized files in the above formats work best. We will need to know the pms/cymk colors.

In the event that vectorized artwork is not available, we can accept .jpg, .bmp, and .tif formats as well. Be advised that all submitted artwork must be in high resolution. The final resolution at 100% final size must be a minimum of 100 dpi with 300 dpi or higher resolution optimal.

Additional Questions
Your Account Representative can assist you with most artwork submission questions. Additional questions or assistance in transferring your artwork is available.

As a leader in the Church Sign and School Sign market for over a decade, our manufacturers understand the unique sign needs and concerns of churches, schools, professional, and municipal organizations. We are pleased to offer a proven line of products that exceed most all expectations.

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