Electronic Message Centers “Kick” All Competition

How Do LED/ElectronicMessageCenter Advertising Products Compare With Other Advertising Options?


According to the US Small Business Administration (SBA), LED Signs Have the Following Advertising Advantages:

1. Unlimited number of message changes and variable controls tailored to your specific ever-changing situation; very unlike traditional fixed advertising.

2. Greatest flexibility when communicating with the public/prospective new customers. Ability to tailor advertising as markets change and adjust.

3. The most cost effective form of paid advertising available. Refer to “Advertising Options” chart below, which reveals the effectiveness of the different advertising options available at bringing in new customers. (Click on chart to enlarge)

4. Advertise product specials mixed with displaying public service messages.

5. EMC acts as “sales rep on the street” to attract new customers.

6. Market your products and services without experiencing terrible expense and horrible waste.

7. Easily display sophisticated images, photos, or logos.

On-Premise Sign Most Effective - Drew 49% of New Customers

Benefits of Marketing with LED Display Systems

Unlike their competition, they provide the following:

1. Gives your business “Personality” – Gain Neighborhood Recognition

2. “Grabs” the attention of passersby – Combination of Color, Brightness and Motion Demands Attention
3. Allows for Flexible Messaging – Constant, Custom advertising

4. Program Your EMC with Pre-recorded Graphics and Art, or Create your own

EMCs Versus Their Advertising Competition

1. An EMC is an Advertising investment, not a Capital expenditure and should be compared with other advertising

2. Traditional Advertising (TV, Radio, Newspaper, Yellow Pages, Mailings) cannot compete with EMC economics – see below how EMCs allow you to spend less than 10% of competition’s cost. Other huge advantage is relevance; the potential customer is already at your location, not 60 miles away reading an ad. (Click on chart below to enlarge)

3. Traditional advertising far less targeted – great expense and terrible waste

4. Traditional Advertising “fixed” on their schedule – no modifications after initiated

5. Internet advertising is somewhat targeted, but gets lost in the flood of advertising noise

6. Cost is totally lopsided – literally pennies versus a dollar – 1/10th or less the cost of competition

7. Other advertising options can never make your business into a “Landmark”, which is one of the natural by-products provided by the ownership of an EMC

8. Other advertising options are incredibly cost prohibitive for building your community image. Pay-back would be off the scale.

Advertise With EMC at Roughly 1/10th The Cost Of Nearest Competitor

Study Results/Recommendations/Findings

Small Business Administration:

“Without a properly designed on-premise LED sign, a commercial business cannot function at its full economic potential. With an electronic message display, owners typically see an immediate increase in their business of 15% to 150%.”

U.S. Chamber of Commerce:

“LED signs draw in 50% of a business’ customers, As much as all other advertising combined”.

U.S. Post Office Research:

“Digital signage will increase sales up to 180%.”

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