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Worship – Reach Out to the Community!

Worship time? Check. Special Event? Check. With our programmable LED displays, display with ease worship times, notification of special events, any changes to the schedule with ease.

A critical component in the selection of church property is visibility. Visibility is a mandatory component in order to attract the passing public. Not all church properties are naturally visible. Therefore churches must create the most prominent visibility possible in order to bring in new visitors and grow membership.

Naturally Draws Undivided Attention

An effective on-premise sign is required to create visibility. Furthermore, it typically contributes more benefit than all other forms of advertising combined. It develops a memory of the ministries available at that location. It attracts new visitors by prompting first-time and impulse visitors to enter your sanctuary. Motion and color attracts great attention, like the spinning gold cross to the right, your eyes are naturally drawn to it. The same thing occurs with the traffic passing your church; the driver’s eyes will be drawn to the Electronic Message Center (EMC), and they will read and digest whatever message it projects.

Typically, 85% of your visitors live within a five mile radius of your location and drive by your church location at least ten times a month. Therefore there is plenty of opportunity for them to connect with your ministries, if you can just get them to enter your doors.

It appears the churches that are growing and experiencing the most success are those that have a wide array of programs and ministries that target a wide array of age, gender, and marital status groups with their own unique set of needs and requirements. Many churches believe the task of making even their own church membership aware of the entire array of ministries available to them is a very daunting task.

Convey Your Message Prominently

You have likely noticed that many churches have discovered a new vehicle to get their news dispersed to their church membership. That vehicle is an electronic message center (EMC). With a healthy percentage of church members passing by your church multiple times a week, the information displayed on the message center would be acquired and related to other members by a sizable percentage of your church population.

Another huge advantage in employing an EMC is attracting the attention of those Christians without a church home and those new to Christianity. EMCs are phenomenal in getting your church’s word out to your local geographic audience and target base. This group continually passes by your church without really noticing it. An EMC will get their undivided attention and make them notice your church with its many programs and spiritual triage, and thereby encourage them to discover how they can individually involve themselves with your programs and activities to substantially improve their spiritual lives.

An EMC will deliver many advantages to your church. It gives your church personality,gains neighborhood recognition and “Grabs” the attention of the passing public. Color and image movement have much greater impact than traditional “static” signage. This delivers extremely flexible messaging – constantly change messaging tailoring it to exactly fit your church today, tomorrow and for years to come.

An EMC is an advertising investment, not a capital expenditure, so compare it with other advertising choices. Traditional advertising just cannot compete – terribly expensive, and horribly wasteful. Traditional advertising is far less targeted – not tailored for your local geographic audience and target base. Your messages are much more relevant to a person driving by your church and reading your messages than to a person seeing your advertisement, who lives in a neighboring county.

Change the face of your church NOW with an EMC! “Stand Out” from all the rest. Make your church much more visible and then stand back and watch your church membership grow.

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