Disperse School Schedules and News

Schools can leverage an EMC to get ahead of the rest.

An LED sign within a school can provide numerous advantages. Customized messages allow the school to pour out information regardless of time. Announcements, Events, Holidays, and much more information can be distributed throughout the day in style.

A critical component in the selection of school property is visibility. Not all school properties are naturally visible. Therefore you must create the most prominent visibility possible to draw attention to your school.

Color and Motion Captures Everyone's Attention!

An effective on-premise sign is required to create visibility. Furthermore, it typically contributes more benefit than all other forms of advertising combined. One type of signage, an Electronic Message Center (EMC) uses color, motion and brightness to attract your attention; very much like the student to the right perusing a book drew your attention. An effective on-premise sign develops the readers’ recollection of the educational programs available at that location. A better understanding of the school leadership’s philosophy and direction, gained by communicating the scope of local programs, will often result in parents and involved property tax-payers volunteering to offer their services. Also, many schools have utilized an EMC to advertise their school’s low cost full-family entertainment (sports, plays, debates etc.) to “attract” and “connect” with tax-payers to create life-long “fans” of their school.

Typically. 85% of your school families live within a five-mile radius of your school location and drive by your school at least ten times a month. Therefore, there is plenty of opportunity for them to observe the EMC and learn the school leadership’s curriculum priorities and ascertain how their community is benefiting.

Alert Parents to Special Events

Schools that are experiencing great success are those that have a wide array of optional programs for their students. However, many schools relate the task of making their students, students’ parents, faculty, and staff aware of the entire array of programs, and extracurricular activities (sports, honorary, drama, band, agriculture, etc.) offered by, or through their school, is a most difficult, if not impossible, task.

You have likely noticed that more and more schools are finding a new vehicle to get their news dispersed to their students and parents. That vehicle is an electronic message center (EMC). With a healthy percentage of a school’s attendees passing by their school multiple times a week, the information displayed on the message center would be acquired and related to other students and parents, resulting in a sizable percentage of your community’s population being made aware of the entire scope of your school’s programs and activities.

Another huge advantage in employing an EMC is educating tax-payers and voters regarding the tremendous added value your school provides its neighborhoods. EMCs are phenomenal at getting your school’s priorities and agendas communicated to your local geographic audience and target base. This group continually passes by your school without really noticing it. An EMC will get their undivided attention and make them notice your school’s many programs and offerings. This knowledge will greatly influence the voting public’s perception and appreciation of the value provided by their school administration. This should greatly increase the percentage of voters who vote “YES” on new school bonds.

EMCs provide a multitude of benefits to a school. An EMC gives your school personality – gains neighborhood recognition. “Grabs” attention of passing public – color and image movement have much greater impact than traditional “static” signage. It is a great way to exhibit school pride in all your team activities. It supports extremely flexible messaging, allowing you to continually alter the text, tailoring it to exactly fit your school today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Change the face of your school NOW with an EMC! “Stand Out” from all the rest. Make your school much more visible to everyone and then watch your student’s parents as well as the local population enter your doors wanting to help improve the quality of education as shaped by your school’s policies and programs.

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