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An Electronic Message Center (EMC) is a tremendous tool to allow a business entity to grow quickly and at a high rate. The attraction and flexibility of an EMC places it in a class by itself, both in productivity as well as cost-effectiveness. There is no advertising medium that even approaches its capabilities in high traffic areas. EMCs literally annihilate their competition as they come in at pennies versus dollars in advertising spend. Please check it out and confirm this claim for yourself.

The critical component in the selection of commercial property is visibility. Business visibility is an absolute mandatory component in attracting the passing public. Not all commercial property is naturally visible. Therefore you must create the most prominent business visibility in order to bring in new customers and grow your business.

Motion, Colors and Brightness Acts As A Magnet To Eyes!

An effective on-premise sign is required to create visibility. Furthermore, it typically contributes more benefit than all other forms of advertising combined. It develops a memory of the products and services available at that location. It attracts new customers by prompting first-time and impulse buyers to the location. It modifies customary purchase decisions or habits to substitute your business into their mental inventory. An EMC employs motion, colors and brightness to attract the undivided attention of passing traffic, much the same as the character to the right naturally drawing your attention.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) says 85% of your customer base live within a five mile radius of your business and drive by your business at least ten times a month.

Studies, involving over six thousand (6,000) customers and over four hundred (400) small businesses, revealed that on-premise signage attracted 49% of all new customers to their businesses. Word of mouth is second with 35%. Remaining 16% split among “traditional” advertising. Based upon this intelligence, are you spending your advertising budget wisely?

The primary goal of advertising is to influence the buyer’s purchase behavior. Influence the buyer so that, for your product category item(s), he now substitutes your business location as the address where he first attempts to secure that particular product or service.

EMCs deliver the absolute maximum deal when it comes to advertising medium. Advertising is typically priced by the cost of one-thousand (1,000) exposures of your ad to the public. The cost breakdown follows: TV $13.20, Radio $6.47, Newspaper $3.47, EMC 15 to 40 cents. (EMC numbers based on $30,000 cost of EMC, plus EMC’s electrical cost for 10 years; lifespan of 10 years; traffic volume of 22,000 cars per day passing by, only one person (driver) in each car). EMC cost is literally pennies on the dollar versus all competition. It blows everything else away. This clearly shows, if you have high traffic flow by your business location, EMCs are clearly the very best advertising vehicle.

Change the face of your business NOW with an EMC! “Stand Out” from your neighbors.

Most Cost Effective Option

The advantages of EMCs, per the Small Business Administration, are as follows: Unlimited flexibility in advertising message(s); Most cost effective form of paid advertising; Advertise products while simultaneously boosting your civic image; Like a sales rep on the street working 24X7X52 who never takes vacation, never asks for days off or gets to work late; Allows you to avoid abusive traditional advertising costs; Display sophisticated video, images, and text simultaneously exactly like you want, and amend as often as you change your mind..

Gives your business personality – gains neighborhood recognition; “Grabs” Attention of passing public – color and image movement have much greater impact than traditional “static” signage. Allows for extremely flexible messaging – constantly change customized advertising tailored to exactly fit your business today, tomorrow and for years to come.

An EMC is an advertising investment, not capital expenditure, so compare it with other advertising choices; Traditional advertising cannot compete – terribly expensive, horribly wasteful; Traditional advertising far less targeted – not tailored for your local geographic audience and target base – ad much more applicable to person driving by your business than person in neighboring county; Internet marketing is somewhat targeted, but your ad shown with so much “advertising noise”, most viewers just click past your ad; similar to TV recorders with owners then skipping past all advertising.

Small Business Administration advocates the following recommendation. “Without a properly designed on premise LED sign, commercial business cannot function at its full economic potential. With an electronic message display, owners typically see an immediate increase in business of 15% to 150%”. Likewise, the US Chamber of Commerce adds, “LED signs draw in 50% of a business’ customers; as much as all other advertising combined”.

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